Monday, February 18, 2013

Pisces Collection and Free Cluster

The tides of winter are retreating and March is here. With it comes a season of change and a chance for renewal. Commonly associated with Pisces, a night sky constellation depicted by two opposing fish, March is also symbolized by the gemstone aquamarine and the springtime flower narcissus, better known as the daffodil. These symbols evoke fluidity and decisiveness, a chance for reflection and contemplation of the path ahead. Perfect for project 365/52/12 albums, Pisces will help you to celebrate all that is March, from springtime to St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and March birthdays. In keeping with its celestial theme, Pisces includes sundials and symbols of the zodiac, along with sparkling gems and a variety of flowers like the lotus blossom, lily, and of course daffodil. You'll find ribbons, frames, buttons, and many aquatic accents to help you decorate your pages, all matched with a selection of papers, from embossed, mystical and whimsical, to patterns and coordinating cardstock. If you're planning layouts with a March theme, let the stars be your guide; you'll find everything you need (and more!) in this March-themed collection from Julie C and Pmarie Designs.

You'll get

116 unique elements, png @ 300dpi
15 decorated and slightly textured papers, jpg @ 300dpi
8 Embossed papers
3 Alpha sets
4 Brushwork Clusters
12 Textured Cardstocks
4 Clusters
A complete Zodiac Flairs
6 Paper Mats
15 Patterned papers
All elements and papers are made in pgn and/or jpg, at 300 dpi and sized for 12X12 layouts

You can get this Bundle in my Store

Each part can be bought separatly

Here's your free cluster

Happy scrapping

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