Thursday, June 2, 2011

Updating my Blog

Dear Friends It has been ages since I worked on my blog. I'm sorry but sometimes things in real life has to be done. I have done a new kit, some cute Doodles and few textures and overlays. I also did a collab with Simplette, the talented lady that makes my previews. The kit : Weather Tellers

In country side, people here have a way to tell the weather... They observe the frogs in their ponds: If the frogs are noisy and perched high, it will be sunny, in the opposite if they are quiet and stay low the rain will be there... This kits contains : 1 Froggy Alpha 60 elements , png @ 300dpi, full size 12 papers, 12X12, jpg @ 300dpi

As usual you can get it in my stores.  CSD   and   HMS

Peeling Paint Textures Commercial Use ok 

10 png @ 300 dpi, 12X12

Vintage Grunge Textures Commercial Use ok

10 png @ 300dpi, 12X12

Acrylic Decos Commercial Use Ok

6 Mixed d├ęcos,png @ 300dpi, 2000px X 2000px

Baby Doodles Commercial Use OK

14 cute doodles, 2000X2000px , pgn @ 300 dpi

OVERLAYS 1 Commercial Use Ok

4 overlays, png 12 X12 @ 300 dpi without shadows and 4 with shadows.

OVERLAYS 2 Commercial Use Ok

There are 6 cream and 6 black overlays, png @ 300dpi, 12X12

And the Collab I was pleased to do with Simplette

Ptits Bobos

In French, it means little kids hurts....

That's all for the time being. Come back tomorrow, i'll have some freebies to thank your fidelity


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