Friday, May 21, 2010

New products for your in Store, plus a free cluster frame for you

I've just released some new products in my

21 Silky Flowers, my own scans plus 8 desatured to allow you to make them in your desired colours. Commercial use. 300 dpi, no credit require, not to be used in freebies

12 Tartan Patterns inspired by Scotish plaid. Commercial use ok, no credits required.
Not to be used in freebies. .pat file included 300dpi

5 green texturesCommercial use ok, no credits required.
Not to be used in freebies. .pat file included 300dpi
beautiful vintages overlays. Commercial use ok, no credits required. 12X12, 300 dpi
Have created  few mink kits
on various themes and named them from  friend's names...
You will be wishing for a trip to the sea,
after viewing these beautiful and realistic
styled elements, along with the huge
variety of sea inspired papers.

This kit is just perfect for your beach layouts,
and would also work wonderfully with many
outdoor photo's.


This kit may be called a mini,
but it packs a powerful punch.
Filled with beautiful flowers,
realistic foliage, wide variety of paper,
 and a matching photo mask is
included to enhance all of
your layouts using this versatile kit.
A bright and charming kit,
filled with beautiful and delicate flowers,
that seem so real to the touch.
The bright  and colorful papers, are perfect
match, for your outdoor and natural layouts.


Inspired by Egyptian Art and Pyramids,
warm colours and bright realistic elements will make beautiful layouts


And this free Cluster Frame 
Thank you to Randy and Teresa for this beautiful rose tube

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  1. Thank you so much for all the beautiful creations..Ihave signed up for your newsletter..;)Julia